The new last step in alignment service


The new last step...

CodeLink's patented integration “links” the vehicle OBD-II system to the aligner to measure SAS position and reset the sensor referenced to the vehicle’s alignment geometry.

CodeLink® advantages:

• Integrated with Hunter WinAlign® systems
• Simple instructions shown on aligner screen
• Only one tool required
• Wireless communication with aligner
• Resets SAS and other related sensors
• Alignment printouts document reset


CodeLink® provides a simple, integrated solution...


Hunter Engineering's patented CodeLink® fully integrates with Hunter's WinAlign® alignment systems to provide fast, simple solutions to resetting SAS and other related sensors.


CodeLink® keeps it simple and affordable:

• Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.
• Incorporates reset steps into alignment procedure.
• On-screen instructions allow the technician to use the same familiar interface - easy to learn.
• Simplified reset instructions using easy-to-read graphics replace confusing OEM procedures.
• One tool replaces multiple OEM scan tools.
• Much less expensive than OEM and aftermarket diagnostic scan tools.
• Updates with alignment software - no extra expensive software required.
• Dedicated alignment tool - stays in the alignment bay.



CodeLink® finishes the job right

• No other product can match CodeLink's patented integration with the alignment procedure.
• CodeLink works with the alignment sensors to ensure the front wheels are adjusted correctly for proper SAS reset.
• Guarantees precision when working with small steering angle thresholds.
• Reduces the possibility of errors that may result in a customer comeback.
• Provides printed documentation that confirms to the customer that reset was completed properly.


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