The alignment process with CodeLink®


Step 1: Automatic Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) identification
After the vehicle is entered into the system, the software instantly identifies the vehicle as a candidate for reset.

Step 2: Automatic SAS reset alert (if needed)
The system alerts the technician of the need to reset SAS by displaying vehicle-specific information of included electronic driver-assist systems and placing the reset in the proper sequence of the alignment procedure.

Step 3: Rear adjustments - as usual
WinAlign® presents the manufacturer's preferred alignment procedure to adjust the rear wheels and set the thrustline to the geometric centerline of the vehicle.

Step 4: Front adjustment - as usual
Easy-to-understand, graphic instructions guide the technician through the final adjustments to level the steering wheel and set the front wheels to the new thrustline.

Step 5: The CodeLink® procedure
CodeLink connects to the vehicle OBD-II system and guides the technician with simple instructions shown on-screen.

Step 6: The SAS reset confirmation
CodeLink resets SAS to 0.0° with the front wheels steered in the straight-ahead position. Verification is shown on-screen, along with any additional information important to the process.

Step 7: Document completed work
Show customers completed work with before-and-after color printouts of alignment adjustments and SAS reset. The final alignment printouts show successful communication with the on-board computer and verify that SAS and other related sensors were calibrated successfully.

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